Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today is the first anniversary of “Knowledge to Negotiate”.

When I started this blog I really didn’t know what to expect. What I did know was the world was full of books about negotiation strategies and negotiation tactics, but providing people with the knowledge they need to have to negotiate was not really addressed. In the Movie “Field of Dreams” that starred Kevin Costner there was mystery voice that kept saying “If you build it they will come”.I think that was my hope as I went about writing the posts and building the blog. I finished this year with over 375 subject posts. I’ve seen the daily traffic go from zero to a monthly traffic over 3,500 a month and and today we should reach 18,000 page views. This tells me that building the blog was the right thing to do as it is meeting a need that others were not meeting.

It’s been a lot of work creating these posts but it has also been very rewarding. I’ve received a large number of compliments and messages of thanks from individuals that have found the blog and have learned from the posts.I’ve had individuals that needed help contact me by email and I’ve been able to both help them and share what they needed help on as a blog post so that I could share that with all readers to learn from. Personally I’ve learned a lot in the process. I learned how to do a blog and use twitter to announce posts. I learned how to create a website because I felt that finding the posts was too difficult. If you haven’t been to the web site its KnowledgeToNegotiate.com. It has a tab called “hot-links to blog” where all posts are listed by subject alphabetically with a hyperlink directly to the post.I also recently added a new gadget that allows you to search for topics when you are already in the blog.

What’s ahead? Every time I’ve thought that I’ve exhausted all the topics I could write about, I either see something in the news, on linkedIN or get asked a question and that provides me with more material to write about. The amazing thing about life is you forget how much you have learned along the way and sometimes it takes a little prompting to bring it back. I invite readers to suggest topics or provide suggestions and comments to make the blog better as my goal is to make the blog as good as it can be.I will continue to add posts.They probably will not be at the same pace as this initial year.I have several other projects I want to work on to share more knowledge. One of the first things I plan to do is converting the companion book to e-book format so it can get a much broader distribution as that has been requested by readers.

I truly want to thank you for reading the blog, If you have learned anything, I’m glad I could help. The only thing I ask in return is if you liked the blog and learned from it, please share the website with others. I also want to especially thank the individuals that have purchased the companion book to the blog. I know that each of you are learning substantial additional knowledge from the book.

Thanks again,

John C. “Jack” Tracy