Thursday, December 16, 2010

Types of Contracts

In Procurement there are a limited number of types of agreements that exist.
The distinction between agreements usually occurs based upon what you are buying or licensing in general, and then there are different variations for the individual commodities and relationships that you establish.

  • Purchase Order
  • Services Purchase Agreements
    • Variations of services purchasing agreements may apply for technical services, non-technical services, training, telecom, travel, meetings, conventions, catering, marketing communications & advertising, facility related services, general business services, repairs, maintenance, support, utilities, construction, consulting, outsourced services, printing, etc.
  • Goods Purchase Agreement. These may vary based upon use of the goods.
    • Internal Consumption
    • Production purchases of products, spare parts, materials, and raw materials. All of these will vary based upon the commodity and nature of the purchase.  For example the purchase of Goods may be done under agreements with Contract Manufacturers that perform a variety of services to create the completed product for sale to the Buyer.
    • New product development, product design, manufacture.
    • Market / Resell / Distribute
  • Product Service Agreements
    • Spare parts, repairs, maintenance,
    • Subcontract service
  • Distribution / Logistics Agreements
    • Carriers, couriers, customs brokers
    • Logistics and warehousing services
  • Equipment purchases
    • Equipment purchase,
    • installation, maintenance, spare parts, repairs
  • Software Licenses
    • Internal use / distribution licenses (object / source code),
    • Software Evaluation
    • Development of new software
  • Confidentiality / Non-disclosure Agreements
    • Technical disclosures or receipts
    • Business disclosures or receipts
  • Lease of products
  • Other Licensing
  • Administrative agreements
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • Loan of product / loan of Software
    • Changes to Parties to the Agreement
      • Assignment /Assumption/Novation
    • Escrow / Escrow Custodial (Software or Hardware)
    • Consignment
    • Replenishment logistics / Vendor Managed Inventory
    • Settlement

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