Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Statements of Work - Keys In Writing SOW’s

o    Use probing questions with the requisitioner and technical expert to uncover their needs.

o    Use Defined Terms.

o    Manage compatability with the Master Agreement

o    Use the right standard of Commitment” for each commitment.

o    Write in  short active voice sentences.

o    Manage any Incorporation by Reference” of any documents.

o    For every commitment ask and make sure the language addresses the following five questions:

o   Who is responsible to perform the action ?

o   What is their responsibility ?

o   Where must it be done ?

o   When must it be done ?

o   How must it be done ?


For example:
“ Supplier shall deliver the Product to the Buyer on June 1, 2020 ex-works Supplier’s dock in Taipei, Taiwan”

In the above example defined terms for Product, Buyer and Supplier are used
It is written in active voice.
It also answers the five questions:
Who is responsible – The Supplier
What is their responsibility – deliver the Product
Where must it be done – The Supplier’s dock in Taipei
When must it be done – June 1, 2020
How must it be done – under ex-works delivery terms.      
If includes the right standard of commitment – Supplier “shall” making it a firm commitment

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