Friday, April 8, 2011

Communication - Learn To Sell Your Positions

There are only so many times you can just say NO in a negotiation and be effective. To be more effective when you are saying no, you need to explain why and that’s part of selling your positions. Every Negotiator need to also be a good sales person to add strength and conviction selling them what you need and why and why you’re telling them no. No’s are easier to accept if there’s a reasonable reason why.  If you sell your positions, when circumstances arise where its time to say no, it will be more effective.

·       Sell them on what you need.
·       Sell them on why you need it.
·       Sell them on why it is important.
·       Sell them on why its fair, reasonable,
·       Sell them on why its the best alternative they have
·       Sell them on why it’s good for them and the benefits they will get.
·       Show them how others have agreed.
·      Use all forms of legitimacy available to you to help sell them
o   Market value
o   Competitive benchmark
o   Precedent by them or their competition
o   Industry standard
o   Expert opinions
o   Credible data
·       Use communication tactics to aid in selling them
o   Use words that help you pre-suppose what you want the listener to accept
o   Always introduce new by fitting it or positioning it the old
o   Always introduce disruptive information slowly and gently

All of this is to persuade the other party that the requirements are needed and what you proposed is fair.

When Suppliers have objections, probe to understand their real concerns. Ask them "what if” you did this, or what if you did that. That can uncover the depth of their concern or possible alternatives.

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