Monday, August 1, 2011

Differences of opinions – a note to readers

One of the things that I've found in reading a number of on-line posts is that many times individuals will have different opinions. One of the things I've said many times is that and individuals view of the world will depend upon where they sit.In procurement there are tops down views that senior managers have, there are bottom up views that buyers have and there are cross views that supplier and commodity managers have. The same applies to opinions on contracts. How you feel about what's best for a particular subject will always depend upon where you sit (the country you live in and the legal system you deal with. Your view will also depend upon the types of contracts and suppliers that you deal with. This means that for every general rule there may be on what's best, there will always be exceptions.

For example, in a discussion about the best approach to resolve disputes some argued arbitration, some argued mediation, and others argued litigation. The individual that argued mediation was a mediator so his view of what was best was influenced by his view of the world. An individual that argued arbitration was from India. So I looked to see why he might have had that view and found that the average time period for a case in Indian courts to be resolved was fifteen years. I could understand his view that for him arbitration was probably the best approach. An individual that argued litigation as a way of resolving disputes was from the U.S.where the time is much shorter and the cost of litigation is much higher.In using litigation disputes are usually settled well before the parties would go to court just to avoid the full expense of litigation.

I always welcome different opinions.I would encourage individuals to also share why they have a different opinion. It may be simply because they have a different view of the topic because they have a different view of the world.


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