Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is there a difference between the book and the blog?

I had a question from one of the blog readers whether there was a difference between the blog and the book. As other may have the same question I thought I would add a post to clarify this.

On some of post I add a comment that if you learned from the blog, think about how much more you could learn from the book. Its a comment that I really mean because the blog was written to be complimentary to the book. What you learn from the book helps you better understand the blog posts. There is some duplication, but the book addresses many topics I won't include in the blog, It also goes into more detail that I want to do in a blog format where I want to keep those fairly short and be a quick read that people can learn from..

Much of the blog material is things that I couldn't fit into the book because of size and cost constraints with hard copy production. I wanted to keep the book a reasonable size and also be able to price it as low as I priced it.

The blog also contains my comments on issues people had questions about in on-line groups like LinkedIN. Rather than respond to them only online, I write a blog post, and then point people to that blog post. That way I can share the information with a broader audience and also make sure the content isn't lost over time as would occur in these forums

I hope you enjoy the blog and all the work I've put in to making it a robust easily usable resource. I'm sure you have learned from many of the posts as I get comments like huge information, phenomenal, awesome.

People who read the book and either follow my posts on LinkedIN or the blog have shared unsolicited comments such as "I highly recommend if for contracting management", "I carry it around like a dictionary. reference tool,"

I like to think I'm providing the greatest value in teaching people about contracts and contract negotiation. Universities charge up to $6,000 for a 3 course contract management program. I think that's outrageous. ISM's contract courses would cost you over $2,000. I sell a book for $24.95 and provide a free blog that I'm confident provides you more than both of those combined,

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