Friday, June 22, 2012

An invitation and a word of thanks

As readers of this blog through my website I've always had the page where you could submit a question about contracts to me and if I had the knowledge I would respond to it with a post. I haven't had many questions but want to provide the ability to expand the knowledge base from other people who can also help in responding to contracts questions. As such I would like to invite all of you to a LinkedIN contracts group I established called "contracts questions and answers" It is intended to be a non-promotional, non-self-serving, group where individual can ask questions and get the best answers. Comments that either aren't correct or that add no value will be blocked.
To be part of this you must join LinkedIN and then using the search function at the right top of the LinkedIn page and "groups" search criteria type in the group name Contracts Questions and Answers and then request to join. If there are great questions and answers that I haven't addressed in the blog I will still summarize them here.

The second thing is this is my 500th post and today I reached 50,000 page views. I want to thank everyone that has visited the site and read the posts. I've had fun writing it and I hope that all of you now know more about the knowledge you need to negotiate or manage contracts.

John C. "Jack" Tracy

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