Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Update to readers

Dear Readers

In preparing to publish updated electronic versions of my book I have decided to eliminate the glossary of common terms from the book. Instead I will publish the glossary on the new "Glossary" page in my website.

For those of you that have already purchased my book (I thank you and hope you have learned from it). I think this change will allow me to update the glossary on-line to make it a more robust tool that you can use.

For any prospective book purchasers, this will have no impact. The glossary will remain in the hard cover version to help understand the book better and once electronic versions are published they will include links to both the List of Blogs and Glossary.

The current glossary list has been been posted. To see it go to knowledgetonegotiate.com and click on the "Glossary" page/

Thank you,

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